How to make new friends in the creative design city of Atlanta when you are new to the city

Hello Atlanta newcomer, my name is Yanique DaCosta and I am the proud owner of YaniPaints and I want to share my experiences being new to Atlanta and how you can get the maximum benefit of your time here. Here is a quick mini-tip:


“Don’t ask for a Pepsi, make sure you ask for the ATL Official Coke.”


As a bubbly outgoing person who had that fresh baby scent when I first arrived in Atlanta, I am going to share what learned. Atlanta is a place where you don’t just have to survive but you can thrive with these three tips. In the post I provide the juicy details. While you are here, make sure to check out my website at I have a special surprise for the readers of this article. Just enter the coupon code “NEWCOMER” at checkout and you will see it. You will not be disappointed.


Here are three tips on how you can make friends in Atlanta in as easy as 1,2,3. You want to make sure you read this post until the end because I have included some important details.

  1. Stay out of the suburbs
  2. Follow the local art scene on social media
  3. Join the early evening drinking train
  4. (Unofficial 4th) Follow me by visiting and clicking my social media links. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include an unofficial 4th item.


Stay out of the suburbs


You will not find cool people if you head more than 15 minutes outside the perimeter (OTP). It’ll be easier to understand the logic once you’ve tried driving up 400N past 285 after 4pm and realize that all hope is lost. It only makes sense that even though you might live in a really nice neighborhood, everybody’s pissed because are leaving all the cool activities in the city. That’s not the kind of life that makes you want to go hang out with your neighbors, unless your neighbors have really good herbal supplements and offer discounts to members of their HOA. Time to escape to the city and find the fun where it flourishes, inside the perimeter (ITP).


Follow the local art scene on social media

Atlanta creatives are incredibly welcoming, even though a lot of folks have lived here for years and never thought to look into where these artsy types get together over whatever drinks they consume (creatives keep the drinks pouring). That’s good for you, since a lot of ATL’s young-professional class spends their evenings gleaming with the fact they sold out by supporting local art events, or at least showing up for the free local beer and vodka. The result is that not only do you get a decent, low-cost buzz, but you also meet people with great ideas who tend to be down-to-earth and invested in keeping the city somewhat communal.


Pro tip:

Basically, head to the Beltine, coffee shops or Ponce City Market and look for random flyers, stickers, and posters, then match them up with Instagram handles and Facebook pages. Voila, you are in the mix. A few great Atlanta artists to follow online are @YaniPaints @MrPaulStyle @color_me_tone @artistsalaam @arrrtaddict (Yes, of course I plugged myself, I am pretty litty)


Join the early evening drinking train

The only thing you should be saying after reading that title is “choo-choo.” It is very important that you join the movement of early evening drinking and can fresh bar snack devouring that happens every weekend all over metro ATL. A great way to do this is with paint and sip events. This is where you find a combination of ATL favorites, artists and booze. Atlanta’s creative crowd takes life so not-seriously on Saturdays and Sundays that it reverses itself and becomes illogically serious and judgmental — but in a good way.


Wear some beat-up sneakers, comfortable pants, a shirt from college, and your cheapest liquor-distributor-branded sunglasses, slap on a golf or Braves cap, and eat/sip until you and everyone seated around you gets chatty enough to become one happy blended family. Check out a local favorite Paint and sip with @YaniPaints.


ALERT: I don’t normally do this, but…

I am going to help you make one of the best friendships you will ever have in Atlanta as a newcomer. I want you to follow me on social media as I have been scouring the streets of Atlanta and looking for the best spots and posting them all the time. I also host Paint + Sips to creates a great atmosphere to meet new people. I did mention that we will be painting and sipping so it will get interesting. Don’t worry, you can bring the liquor of your choice. Here are those social pages that I want you to follow religiously: