3 OF 52


3 of 52

Size: 12 x 12″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Black and white was clearly not cutting it. Once I got a feel for color with 2 of 52, I become hooked. I decided this piece was going to be nothing but color. I grabbed some of the old acrylic from my tool box and just started using color to created an abstract background. I added a green monochromatic female form in green. I decided to give the form some contrast with flowy red monochromatic hair. I finally got the feeling I was chasing since 1 of 52. My favorite color combinations are black and white, but that just doesn’t work for me when it comes to painting. I am officially all about color!

The “52 Collection” is a year long self exploratory project created by Yanique DaCosta. The “52 Collection” is focused on the female form with aesthetics influenced by the day-to-day life and encounters of the artist, over a one year period. This can be compared to landscape and its relationship to seasons. Think of a tree with green leaves in summer versus the same tree with no leaves in winter. This same concept is true for the “52 Collection”. The female form in shown in varying ways based on weekly and seasonal life experiences of the artist. Pieces include varying color schemes and visual elements conveying those feelings and experiences.