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Canvas Print

Thin Gallery Wrap (0.75″)

Hooks for Hanging

Border Color



This fine print of an original art for sale is a unique nude of a robust woman whose hair and body bursts forward in a kaleidoscope of life intertwined with the feminine. The message is clear that this is a bold woman to be reckoned with. Her spirit stands forward and erect and she commands the attention of the viewer that is looking at it. The more you look at this fine print, the more you recognize the power that is represented by this piece. It is unapologetic and does not ask  for permission, it is boldly takes its place in the world.


When you look for a fine print of art for sale online, you are looking something unique that draws your eye and captures your heart in a way that is indescribable. But you have to turn inward and realize that you need this fine print now. Don’t second guess yourself, you just need to  add this to your collection and make this the centerpiece of your stance in the world. You want to make sure you buy this fine print of original artwork. This fine print will leave a lasting impression. You will not find this fine print anywhere else because it is a YaniPaints original. The boldness of this artist is reflected in this piece and the other pieces displayed on this website.


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