The Three B’s of the Perfect Atlanta Girls Night Out

You have had a long week and you can be honest about the situation, it has been pretty crappy…but now it is time to show off your inner Atlanta Diva. I hope you notice that I capitalized the “D” in Diva because this is serious talk. So I want you to pretend it’s Friday, if it isn’t here already,and you are getting ready to walk out that office door. You already know what is waiting for you on the other side of that door, another weekend in Atlanta of the same of things and the same old feelings.You want something new and different to do with your girls tonight.

I have got something new for you, but before I share , I want to make sure your mind is right. I want to make sure you set up the three B’s for an awesome night out.

The three B’s are the best partners in crime, the best dates, and the best mentality.. The good thing is that finding the best partners is not that hard, you already know who you want to do your dirt with, you just need to make sure they are ready for the night out you have planned.

You remember that secret I promised you, I am getting ready to tell it to you. You can think of it as more of foreplay than anything else. This is that one event that gets you ready by loosening you up mentally, creatively and sensually. That is the event you want to hit in Atlanta…

I got ahead of myself. I need to make sure I break down the three B’s.

The first B is the best partner. This is that partner has your back 110%when you come up with a really bad idea, without even really thinking about it. You two wouldn’t be friends if you didn’t agree with most of the things he or she says. If you know someone that you would like to take but they are on the fence as to whether they want to do something, take them off the list ASAP. This is not the time for people that are sitting on the fence. This is the one that yells “YOLO” when they leave the house for the party that night.

It’s time to pull out a piece of paper because there is some homework on this one. On that piece of paper, put the names of at least three people who could fit this description. You don’t want to think too hard on this one because that will limit the fun you could have, you just want to make the list and you we will work through the details later.

The second B is choosing the best dates. This will take a little bit of planning, but you got this. Of course, you know that Fridays and Saturdays are the best nights, but if you all have a day of the following day in the middle of the week, do not leave that night off the list. Everyone loves a glass of wine on a Wednesday night. You need to make sure you reach out to those three contacts on your list and make sure you let them know in certain terms that you want to go out on one of those nights.

You may have to do a few reminders as the day approaches. Guilt trips are welcomed, Sorry….not sorry. You call them up and tell them anything on the following list that will work for your situation.


“I’m glad I was able to get a babysitter for this night out.”

“I put a lot of planning into this night so I know it is going to be lit.”

“That’s what I like about you, you are ride or die about your events.”

I will leave a blank space here just in case you have some good lines that I have not thought of.


And here is that most important B, you have to be in the mindset of the best night of your life. But you remember when I talked about foreplay earlier and I found this to be the best foreplay for any night out because it definitely loosens you up. You absolutely must do a Paint and Sip. This event is so under the radar that most people just miss it or they outthink the whole thing.

A Paint and Sip is when you get a bottle of your favorite liquor and you have a painting session. The best facilitator in Atlanta is YaniPaints. You can find more information about it at You will absolutely want to take my advice on this one, once you release those creative juices, all your inhibitions just fall away and you are ready to take on the world! Literally.

You can even try it for yourself. Try a night with a Paint and Sip with YaniPaints session and you will see the difference. The good thing about YaniPaints is that she has received all 5-star ratings.. You are already guaranteed a 5-star event before you went even get there, so you are only adding to that experience when you know the 3 B’s to the Perfect girls night out in Atlanta.

I won’t even discuss your budget for a Paint and Sip because that will be an easy one. Just check the YaniPaints website ( for more information.

This is not for the rookie socialites who think you should start drinking when you get to the club, more experienced socialites get their buzz on before they get their buzz on. Don’t worry you don’t need to a master painter to have a good time.

YaniPaints is centrally located in Atlanta so you are just minutes away from everywhere. I just gave the secret. Remember with great power, comes great responsibility. Make sure you plan your next Paint and Sip and then really set Atlanta on fire.