“25 of 52” Fine Art Print

“25 of 52” is a fine art print that captures the spirit of compassion and transformation. Originating as a live painting at a fundraiser for Crohn’s disease, this piece intertwines the beauty of art with the power of charity. The rich purples and the symbol of the butterfly offer a visual narrative of hope and strength, making this print a profound addition to any collection and a symbol of support for a meaningful cause.

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“25 of 52” is a poignant fine art print that began its journey as a live painting, capturing the essence of creation and generosity at an art show fundraiser. The original piece was lovingly donated to support a charity for Crohn’s disease, and this print carries forward that legacy of compassion and awareness.

The artwork is a fusion of delicate beauty and raw emotion, featuring a central figure that is both vulnerable and resilient, adorned with a butterfly—a symbol of transformation and hope. Set against a backdrop of deep purples and gentle pinks, the colors chosen resonate with the cause it supports, reflecting the inner strength of those affected by Crohn’s disease.

This fine art print on paper is a testament to the transformative power of art, symbolizing the metamorphosis from hardship to healing, from struggle to strength. It stands as an emblem of the fight against Crohn’s disease and the beauty that can emerge from such battles.



By purchasing “25 of 52,” you embrace a piece of art that is imbued with empathy and the spirit of giving. This fine art print is not just a visual treasure but also a beacon of hope, offering support to those enduring Crohn’s disease. Add this meaningful artwork to your collection and partake in its powerful message of resilience and rebirth.

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11 x 17", 12 x 18", 8.5 x 11"


Fine Art Paper, Stretched Canvas


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Yanique’s art is a whirlwind of female form, fluid movement, high contrast with a clear graphic design influence. Her artistic style started taking shape during her teenaged years growing up in Kingston Jamaica. Nonetheless, because of her family’s emphasis on formal education, when she migrated to the United States – she obtained a BA in Studio Arts from Florida Atlantic University and an MFA in Media Design from Full Sail University.

She is many things – a painter, a graphic designer, a textile designer, an experiential designer, an entrepreneur, a black woman, a Jamaican woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a student of life. Like many people, she finds herself constantly struggling with the dualities of her life and giving each aspect fair time to shine. Earlier in her career, Yanique focused primarily on generating graphic designs used in brand development and advertising campaigns. Occasionally, she got the opportunity to implement hand drawn illustrations, creating truly unique assets for varying branding projects. As time went on, she wanted more.

She searched for a way to be more tactile in her creative output and found it in painting. As much as she loves creating digital and print collateral, it just isn’t messy enough to satisfy her inner child.

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